Investment ideas not asset allocation key to finding opportunities

Added 5th October 2016

The current low growth, low inflation economic environment is likely to persist for a number of years and is what investors must bear in mind when choosing where to put their money, says Invesco Perpetual's Georgina Taylor.

Taylor, who is product director for the multi asset team at Invesco Perpetual, believes that identifying investment opportunities requires a comprehensive view of economic and market dynamics – one that accounts for short-term drivers but also looks beyond, to incorporate longer term trends.

She says this means loooking for the best investment ideas rather than the best perofming aset classes and being flexibile in decising where to deploy funds.

Amon alternative investment ideas Invesco Perpetual is currently pursuing, she said was the purchase of stocks in the US consumer staples secotr versus consumer discretionary stocks which have outperformed recnenlty and may be now over valued.. 

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